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Jill Stier


Journal Articles 

  1. Bossers, A., Drynan, D., Gallagher, M.B., O’Sullivan, C., Polatajko, H., Slade, A., Stier, J., … Holmes, J. (2010). 1000 hours of fieldwork? Analysis of multi-site evidence. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77(3), 135-143.


Magazine Entries 

  1. Barker, D. & Stier, J. (Eds.). (2014, March). Checklist for consideration of student accessibility when teaching outside the classroom. Toronto: Council of Ontario Universities. Available from: http://www.accessiblecampus.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Teaching-Outside-the-Classrom-Checklist-Final-PDF.pdf
  2. Stier, J. & Smordin, H. (2008). Importance and significance of occupation in the lives of older adults: An examination of Syd’s group. Occupational Therapy Now, 6(2), 23-25.
  3. Stier, J. (2004). Occupation-based splinting. Occupational Therapy Now, 6(4), 19-21.

Online Resources 

  1. Stier, J., Barker, D., & Campbell-Rempel, M. (2015, May/June). Student accommodations in occupational therapy university programs: Requirements, present environment and trends. Occupational Therapy Now, 17(3)

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